Realme3 Pro Full Glue Tempered Glass
Are you looking to protect your expensive mobile display:
 Then you are at the right page because we provided an insurance policy in the form of smooth clear tempered glass which is better than any Screen Guard and Tempered Glass you had ever you used in the past.
Why tempered glass:
When unfortunately, your mobile drops or caught under some accident, it may seem like you may have lost your mobile display which is so expensive to repair and then suddenly you notice nothing happened to your screen, as all the impact was taken by your tempered glass which sacrificed itself in protecting your mobile screen and got itself shattered by not allowing even a single crack to pass through it towards your mobile screen. Why this tempered glass: It comes with a smudge proof coating which will give you a crystal clear view of your screen without the hassle of bubbles or dust getting in the way. It has 100% transparency. The Tempered glass provides extensive protection from damages and scratches including sharp objects like knives and keys. The Coating and the 9H hardness together prevent Most scratches, smudges and This Makes a Best Tempered Glass for Your Mobile.
What are the Features:
- Ultimate Protection and Usability: Our Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are designed to protect your device screen against impact, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges.
- Industry-high Hardness: Effectively resists scratches up to 9H (harder than a knife).
- Easy Installation: Due to their solid nature, tempered glass screen protectors are much easier to fit and less error prone than standard screen protectors.
What does Single pack include:
- One Tempered Glass Screen protector,
 - One Wet Wipe,
- One Dry Wipe,


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